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Steam-Distilled Organic Rosewater

Steam-Distilled Organic Rosewater

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Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Our Steam-Distilled Organic Rosewater transports you to Baijnathpur village, where sun-kissed roses whisper secrets of pure beauty. Every mist unveils a petal-soft embrace, leaving your skin refreshed and radiant.


Steam-Distilled Purity: Our Rosewater is meticulously crafted through steam distillation, ensuring the purest and most potent form of botanical essence.
Locally Harvested Roses: Handpicked from our own organic farm in Baijnathpur Village, these roses carry the richness of the pristine Himalayan soil.
Chemical-Free Assurance: With no chemical fertilizers or pesticides used for 15 years, our rosewater guarantees a product untainted by harmful substances.


    Experience the untamed beauty of nature:

    Ultimate Hydration: Steam-distilled purity ensures deep hydration, leaving your skin with a timeless, dewy radiance.
    Nature's Aromatherapy: Immerse yourself in the natural aroma of locally harvested roses, creating a sensorial journey for your skincare routine.
    Guilt-Free Beauty: Know that your indulgence is cruelty-free and environmentally conscious, embracing the beauty of sustainable, organic practices.
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